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About Us


Lumberjack Sap Company

Lumberjack Soap Company produces premium handmade cold process man soap proudly made in America by master artisans. We only use the finest ingredients mother nature has to offer. Our soaps are crafted for hardworking men that want a rich hardy lather of masculine scents to chop away the day’s grit and grime. We take pride in our craft and you only deserve the best. That’s the fact, Jack!

Why the name Lumberjack?

In today’s world of men getting softer and softer, we wanted to build a brand around celebrating the hardworking masculine man that doesn’t conform to the sissified ideals of social and national media. 

You’re a man, embrace it. You like kicking ass and taking names, snapping necks, and cashing checks. The city life isn’t for you. Sure you may have a “city job”, but your spirit is in the wild. You work hard and play even harder in the forest, lakes, and/or rivers. You love hunting, fishing, camping, overlanding, backpacking across God’s green earth. 


In a period of industrial development and modernization in urban areas, logging remained a traditional business in which the workers exhibited pride in their craft, their physical strength, and masculinity, and guarded their individualism.

Their camps were a bastion of the traditional workplace as they defied modern rationalized management, and built a culture around masculinity.

Men earned praise for their skills in doing their work, for being competitive, and for being aggressive.

When not at work, they played rough games, told tall tales, and won reputations for consuming large amounts of food.